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Written by Friedel Van Peer   
Monday, 01 October 2007 17:31

It is very difficult to define Personal Training in one phrase, we tried it anyway.

Personal Training - Friedel training Jo Personal Training is an hour of one on one exercise designed to get you in shape with a tailor made fitness program which makes use of your time as afficient as possible and is adaptable each time you train, thanks to your skilled personal trainer.

In most cases we train for 1 hour with our clients.
1 Hour is long enough to do a warm up, cardio training, strenght training, and stretching.
1 Hour is not too long for most clients to fit into their schedule.
But of course sometimes we addapt the training time to your needs, if you want to train longer to make even more progress, just ask, we're flexible.

Active ImageWhen you train with a Fitnergo Personal Trainer you'll get a truly tailor made training program not a fitness program like you get in most gyms. If you want to get an idea of what your training program might look like don't hesitate to email us with your goals and we'll try to answer you as detailed as possible. Ask a Personal Trainer

Every day you feel different and therefor the training intensity should be adapted to how you feel that day, you and your trainer can decide to train on a higher or lower level or on different exercises every time you train.

All our trainers are skilled trainers even before they started training with their first client. A university degree in physiotherapy or physical eduction is a minimum, after that our new trainers get aditional training from our more experienced ones and we all visit conferences and extra courses every year. The American College of Sports Medecine courses and the fitpro conference at Loughborough University in England are our favourites.

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