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Lunes 13 de Agosto de 2007 05:23

Friedel has exceeded all of the expectations that I had for a personal trainer.

Personal Trainer - Friedel @ Fitnergo Personal TrainingIf you are hesitant about the use of a personal trainer for yourself, I can recommend Friedel Van Peer without qualification. I have been working with Friedel for about a year and a half and he has delivered all the things that I was looking for in a trainer and has helped me to achieve my personal goals.
I trained pretty much on my own for many years (over 15) and found that I was unable to train effectively once I developed back problems and experienced chronic neck problems. Friedel was able to reverse the declining trend in terms of the quality of my training sessions, while not aggravating my back problems, something I was not able to do for myself. My neck problems persisted however and, here, Friedel acted an intermediary for some excellent physiotherapists who have, in their turn, allowed me to manage my neck problems successfully. Now, if I have problems with my neck or my back, it’s usually my own fault and not any one else’s.
Friedel is a very conscientious personal trainer and he is very attentive to details that have an impact on one’s lifestyle and work style. So he came to my office to see if the ergonomics were okay and he comes back if I have problems using my physiotherapy ball as a chair (yes, I do use a ball to sit on; it mobilises the spinal column.) He has even taken my bicycle to the shop to be repaired although it’s me who is slow to retrieve it. His attention to detail even covers training gear that may otherwise go unnoticed: when I complained that my feet were feeling uncomfortable while on a cross-trainer, he suggested that I tighten the laces. Sure enough, they no longer bothered me. But he also notices other details about the gear, like whether the shoes themselves are good enough to be training in. He recommended a great running shoe shop that lets me try on shoes and run on camera so that the store staff can make sure I get the best shoe for my running style. That kind of attentiveness carries through all the time. He always gets back to me quickly if I leave a voice mail message or send an email after a training session. He is reliable and he is down to earth. Although there is a big age gap between us, and I am over the hill, he still expects systematic improvement in my performance. So I never rest on my laurels.


In short, Friedel has exceeded all of the expectations that I had for a personal trainer. He is now training my whole family.


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