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Escrito por Friedel Van Peer   
Lunes 10 de Diciembre de 2007 19:15

Brussels, november 2007

New York marathon ...  immense joy to reach the finish in Central Park

With the aim to increase my overall physical and mental fitness (running a full-time business and managing a family (with two small kids), I decided to run the New York marathon in November 2007.  I had always been running short distances (max 20k), and given a weak knee, I had somehow taken the conclusion that my knees would never survive a marathon distance! Friedel who was training me already on general fitness, convinced me that with the right mix of exercices and work-out, and a well prepared running programme, it would be worth giving it a go… Well, it was brilliant!
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Throughout the full year of preparation, I felt gradually my fitness and endurance increase (never ill, not even the slightest cold..). The positive and constructive support of Friedel was key for me to be physically and mentally ready for the NY marathon.  

… and then the NY marathon… what an experience! It will stay with me forever! The crowd; the atmosphere and ‘suffering’  during the last 12 km and the immense joy to reach the finish in Central Park.

So for those hesitating to take a personal trainer to achieve a personal fitness goal, go for it!



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