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Before you start training with a Personal Trainer there are a few things to do.

When you contact us tell us who you are

Active ImageWe don't want to know your address and full name but what we do like to know is your age, gender, level of activity, weight, do you practice any sports, do you have any injuries that stop you from doing certain activities... ? Also knowing your goals is very usefull, where do you want to get to? Do you want to get in shape, lose weight, be able to run, swim...
When your Personal Trainer gets back to you, thanks to that information we can give you a more detailed answer to your question

Then we talk

The next step is meeting your trainer for a talk.

We never start training with someone the first time we see them.

During this meeting you can ask all the questions you want to ask, everything you always wanted to know about training, how it workt, what progress you might expect. Everyone is different so we realy want to understand you, your starting point and your goals.

We also have a lot of questions for you:

We want a full picture of your medical background, injuries, operations even twisted ankels could be important. We might even ask you to see a cardiologist just to make sure we don't take any risks during endurance training.
Your exercise history tell is which skills you have and what you might enjoy later in training. We also want to find out how motivated you are.
Your diet is important to analyse your lifestyle.

Usualy we talk for about 1 hour the first time we meet, if we need more time we'll come back an other time.

Contact a personal trainer for more information

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